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Legal rights

Misinformation about legal rights hampers our decision-making. Chayn has resources on documenting abuse and guidance for immigration, divorce and child custody.

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Less than 2 percent

A podcast from Chayn exploring the experiences of survivors who report sexual violence, and how the systems that are meant to protect us are failing. Less than 2% focuses on the UK but is globally relevant.

How to build your own domestic abuse case without a lawyer

A step by step guide for how to collect and present evidence of abuse.

Process maps for legal justice in the UK on YSM

Use these process maps to understand what will happen when reporting to the police, during the medical exam, and when pursuing legal justice in the UK. Powered by Your Story Matters (YSM) by Chayn.

Creating your own timeline for reporting an assault on YSM

A guide to support survivors of sexual assault through their self reporting journey. Powered by Your Story Matters (YSM) by Chayn.

Checklists to help navigate after assault on YSM

These checklists will help you navigate interactions with police and medical professionals. Powered by Your Story Matters (YSM) by Chayn.

Deciding to report or not on YSM

Making the decision whether to report your assault or not is incredibly hard and may feel overwhelming. We talk through the different options and help you figure out what you may want to do. Powered by Your Story Matters (YSM) by Chayn.

How to apply for asylum in the UK on Soul Medicine

Learn about your rights and navigate through asylum procedures with or without legal representation. Powered by Soul Medicine by Chayn.

Survivors of sexual violence: your rights at a glance in the UK by Rights of Women [external resource]

This guide summarises some of your rights and what you should expect from the criminal justice system as a survivor of sexual violence in the UK.

Law and divorce in Pakistan

This guide explains the laws and different kinds of divorce in Pakistan.

Law and divorce in India

This guide goes through different kinds of divorce and explains how the Indian court system works.

Getting out of abusive situations in India

You deserve to feel safe, it is your right. You have realised that you are in an abusive relationship and have decided to take action, to take control. Read about your options in India.

Your Story Matters (YSM) by Chayn

If you've been treated in a way that has made you feel uncomfortable or violated, let YSM be your companion because your story matters. Through a curated list of resources created by us and others, we talk through the difficult thoughts and emotions you may be going through. Created by survivors of sexual abuse across the world.

Marital rights and abuse in Pakistan

This guide talks about forced marriages and their legal and religious standing in Pakistan.

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