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Toxic relationships

Identify abusive tactics, toxic traits, and manipulation as abuse. Learn coping mechanisms with Chayn to escape coercion and control from partners and family.

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Healing from sexual trauma on Bloom

Explore body image, sexual desire, the trauma response, and coping mechanisms after sexual trauma, and rebuild a sense of identity with varied recovery tools. Powered by Bloom by Chayn.

Manipulation is abuse

Not all kinds of abuse and toxicity show themselves through physical violence. This guide shows us how to identify manipulative situations and people, and how to deal with them.

How to build your own domestic abuse case without a lawyer

A step by step guide for how to collect and present evidence of abuse.

Creating your own timeline for reporting an assault on YSM

A guide to support survivors of sexual assault through their self reporting journey. Powered by Your Story Matters (YSM) by Chayn.

Law and divorce in Pakistan

This guide explains the laws and different kinds of divorce in Pakistan.

Law and divorce in India

This guide goes through different kinds of divorce and explains how the Indian court system works.

Getting out of abusive situations in India

You deserve to feel safe, it is your right. You have realised that you are in an abusive relationship and have decided to take action, to take control. Read about your options in India.

Telling someone about what happened on YSM

Deciding to tell someone what happened after an assault is a deeply personal decision and one that we should take time to think about. We talk through different options. Powered by Your Story Matters (YSM) by Chayn.

Rape culture and consent on YSM

A note on how rape culture facilitates sexual violence in our society, and effects us as survivors. Powered by Your Story Matters (YSM) by Chayn.

Domestic abuse as a transgender woman

While there are many similarities between domestic abuse in non-cis relationships and other relationships, a number of issues must be taken into account when understanding the complicated dynamics that exist in abusive relationships when you are a transgender woman.

Domestic abuse as a transgender man

There is a predominant misconception that the more ‘masculine’ person in an abusive relationship is more likely to be the abuser, or that only women can be subject to domestic abuse. These preconceived notions make it more difficult for us to recognise the warning signs as well as the ways abuse manifests itself for transgender men.

Domestic abuse in same-sex female relationships

There is a misconception that same-sex female relationships can’t be abusive as there is no “man”. This makes it more difficult for us to recognise the warning signs, and often the abuse itself. Find the different signs of abuse, specifically in same-sex female relationships.

Domestic abuse in same-sex male relationships

Abuse within same-sex male relationships is as common as abuse against heterosexual men in heterosexual relationships. While both share many similarities, a number of issues must be taken into account when understanding the complicated dynamics that exist in abusive same-sex male relationships. Find all the information you need to help identify the different signs of abuse, specifically in same-sex male relationships.

Getting better and moving on

This guide breaks down complex mental health terms that are often heard and misused, helps you understand what you’re going through, what helped others in your position and how to get out of feeling at your worst.

How to deal with abuse in Pakistan

Read about the way abuse manifests itself in Pakistani families, and what you can do about it.

Abused women with no recourse to public funds (UK) by Southall Black Sisters [external resource]

This guide is for people who have experienced domestic abuse, including economic abuse, and are in the UK on a spousal visa or another visa that says you have 'no recourse to public funds'.

How domestic violence affects children in Pakistan

There are many ways in which children are aware of abuse, and it is impossible to hide everything from them. Learn about how it may be affecting them.

Your Story Matters (YSM) by Chayn

If you've been treated in a way that has made you feel uncomfortable or violated, let YSM be your companion because your story matters. Through a curated list of resources created by us and others, we talk through the difficult thoughts and emotions you may be going through. Created by survivors of sexual abuse across the world.

Marital rights and abuse in Pakistan

This guide talks about forced marriages and their legal and religious standing in Pakistan.

Recovering from toxic and abusive relationships

In this course, we discuss abusive tactics, the cycle of coercive control, the science of trauma, and how abuse can affect our relationships and coping mechanisms.

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