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Supporting loved ones

If someone you care about is experiencing or recovering from abuse, find help to support them and yourself. Together, you can heal.

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Telling someone about what happened on YSM

Deciding to tell someone what happened after an assault is a deeply personal decision and one that we should take time to think about. We talk through different options. Powered by Your Story Matters (YSM) by Chayn.

The good friend guide

A short guide that will give you practical and simple advice on how to better support a loved one in an abusive relationship.

Worried about someone in India?

A quick guide on how to support a friend and their children if they are in an abusive situation.

Your Story Matters (YSM) by Chayn

If you've been treated in a way that has made you feel uncomfortable or violated, let YSM be your companion because your story matters. Through a curated list of resources created by us and others, we talk through the difficult thoughts and emotions you may be going through. Created by survivors of sexual abuse across the world.

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