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We know your mental wellbeing is as important as physical health. Find resources for mental health and tools for mental resilience. Your life matters.

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Healing from sexual trauma on Bloom

Explore body image, sexual desire, the trauma response, and coping mechanisms after sexual trauma, and rebuild a sense of identity with varied recovery tools. Powered by Bloom by Chayn.

Grounding Exercises

Grounding exercises can help to bring us back to ourselves and the present moment when we feel distressed, overwhelmed, or disconnected from our bodies and the world around us. They engage with our senses — sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste — to help ground us in the here and now. You can use these exercises anytime you want. They’re always here for you, whenever you need them.

Violenza psicologica

In questa pagina troverai informazioni sulla violenza psicologica, ovvero l’insieme di comportamenti, dinamiche e discorsi che il partner maltrattante mette in atto per minare la tua dignità, identità, autostima e per ledere la tua autodeterminazione.

Terminare una relazione violenta in maniera sicura

Questa guida fornisce consigli su come uscire da una situazione di violenza in modo sicuro e contiene informazioni su come preparare un piano di fuga in caso tu decida di lasciare il tuo partner e la casa in cui vivi

Reclaiming resilience in your trauma story on Bloom

Through narrative therapy and journaling, identify triggers, learn the science of trauma, re-build self-esteem, unlearn shame - and find your natural resilience. Powered by Bloom and Soul Medicine.

Managing anxiety on Bloom

Discover short and long-term methods for managing anxious thoughts and physical symptoms of anxiety, through grounding techniques, journaling, and somatic care. Powered by Bloom and Soul Medicine.

How to regain your confidence after trauma on Soul Medicine

When we doubt our self worth, we can also lose a sense of who we are. Get simple and practical steps to rebuild your confidence, empowering you to take over the reins of your life. Powered by Soul Medicine by Chayn.

Conversations with Carolyn Spring: Building skills for recovery after trauma [external resource]

A podcast about the process of building skills for managing emotions.

Telling someone about what happened on YSM

Deciding to tell someone what happened after an assault is a deeply personal decision and one that we should take time to think about. We talk through different options. Powered by Your Story Matters (YSM) by Chayn.

Rape culture and consent on YSM

A note on how rape culture facilitates sexual violence in our society, and effects us as survivors. Powered by Your Story Matters (YSM) by Chayn.

My little book of coping methods by The Peach Diaries with Roisin Ross [external resource]

This book is full of coping methods for you to try in times of need. The techniques can be used as small, everyday steps to help you heal from the abuse you experienced.

After: Surviving sexual assault by BBC [external resource]

A podcast by Catriona Molton where she talks to fellow survivors of sexual assault and abuse about what happened to them and how they cope now.

Conversations with Carolyn Spring: Trauma is feeling unsafe [external resource]

A podcast about the most important things to focus on for survivors at the start of their journey of recovery.

Getting better and moving on

This guide breaks down complex mental health terms that are often heard and misused, helps you understand what you’re going through, what helped others in your position and how to get out of feeling at your worst.

How to cope with stress on Soul Medicine

How to identify causes of stress, and how to safeguard yourself against them, or future stress.

Your Story Matters (YSM) by Chayn

If you've been treated in a way that has made you feel uncomfortable or violated, let YSM be your companion because your story matters. Through a curated list of resources created by us and others, we talk through the difficult thoughts and emotions you may be going through. Created by survivors of sexual abuse across the world.

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