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Financial independence

Economic abuse is common in toxic relationships, and lack of financial security can impact recovery. Use Chayn’s resources to gain financial independence.

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How to manage your money on Soul Medicine

It’s important to be financially independent so you can take care of yourself and your loved ones, make sure your bills are paid, and keep a roof over your head. We’ll talk through easy ways to make sure you’re debt free, you know how to budget, and you’ve got enough money to buy the things you need. Powered by Soul Medicine.

Abused women with no recourse to public funds (UK) by Southall Black Sisters [external resource]

This guide is for people who have experienced domestic abuse, including economic abuse, and are in the UK on a spousal visa or another visa that says you have 'no recourse to public funds'.

Finding a job in India

Finding employment can help to some degree of financial independence which is critical in case you decide to leave your partner in India.

Saving money in Pakistan

Whether you work or not, saving money can be a lifesaver for you in the future. See what you can do in Pakistan to save small and big items to protect your future.

How to open a bank account on Soul Medicine

Banking can be complicated. We’ll make it easy for you.

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