Resources by Chayn, curated for Bumble

At Chayn, we've put together a selection of resources and digital tools on recovery and healing after abuse or assault, curated especially for Bumble users.

About Chayn.

Chayn is a global nonprofit, run by survivors and allies from around the world, creating resources to support the healing of survivors of gender-based violence. We create open, online resources and services for survivors of abuse that are trauma-informed, intersectional, multi-lingual and feminist. You can find out more about Chayn, and see all our resources, at Find out more about our work with Bumble here.

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Resources and tools

Your Story Matters - a digital companion for survivors of sexual assault

If you've been treated in a way that has made you feel uncomfortable or violated, let YSM be your companion. Get information and guidance on recovery after sexual assault, taking care of the body, deciding whether or not to report and so much more. Created by survivors of sexual abuse across the world, YSM allows you to save and come back to relevant sections and customise the platform for your needs.


Soul Medicine - bite-sized support

When looking for help, the information on the internet can be complex and overwhelming. Get notes of love and the information you need in simple, bite-sized chunks with Soul Medicine - a micro-course platform available in many languages. It’s accessible on the web or delivered directly to your email inbox, with the option of personalising delivery time and disguising the emails with fake subject lines.

Soul Medicine

Getting better and moving on - a guide for mental healing after abuse and trauma

Start your healing journey with the getting better and moving on guide. The guide explains complex mental health terms that are often misunderstood or misused, helps you understand what you are feeling and why, and shares techniques to aid  your recovery.

Getting better and moving on

Manipulation is abuse

Not all abuse is physical. The manipulation is abuse guide shows you how to identify manipulative and toxic situations and people, and how to deal with them. It explains the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships, and includes common examples of manipulative behaviour.

Manipulation is abuse

Do-It-Yourself online safety guide

Take measures to assess your risk and protect yourself with this DIY online safety guide. The guide shares good practice for online safety, including social media, emails, passwords and secure browsing. Written especially for survivors, but relevant for everyone.

DIY online safety guide
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