Domestic abuse, child abuse, forced marriage, sexual assault and discrimination – the battles we face around the world put us at risk every day.

We’ve put together these global resources for you. Written by survivors, edited by experts. Many are available in multiple languages.

If your life is in danger, visit our “Immediate Help” section.

Identifying and tackling abuse

Not all kinds of abuse and toxicity shows itself through physical violence. This guide will help you identify manipulative situations and find support to get yourself out of a controlling relationship.

Language: English

If you find yourself struggling to support a friend who is going through an abusive relationship or situation, this guide is here to help you make that space for them.

Language: English and Portuguese

With the help of Chayn’s cats, learn everything you need to know about how you can be tracked – and how to hide your tracks on email, browsers, facebook and other platforms. This guide can be useful irrespective of your gender, location or situation.

Language: Arabic, English, Farsi, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Pashto & Urdu

An advanced guide for those who have read the starter guide.

Language: English and French

If you need something quick and non-techy to understand how you can keep yourself safe from stalkers and protect yourself online – this guide is for you.

Language: Arabic, Albanian, English, Turkish & Urdu

Legal information

How to collect evidence of abuse that you can use for court cases, criminal cases and show people around you what is happening.

Language: English, Italian and Portuguese

Language: Arabic, English, French, Turkish, Russian & Urdu

You may have difficulty remembering details about your sexual assault. This is completely natural. We’ve created this space for you as a guide to support you to write as much information as you can remember – the what, the where and the who.


Language: English

Want to know your rights to justice as a survivor of sexual violence? What to expect from the legal justice system in the UK or to learn about what your options are? We have put together resources that can help you navigate the system.

Language: English


When there is trauma we haven’t processed, it can be difficult to move on with our lives. That’s why we made Bloom, our programme of 5 mental health courses designed by and for survivors of trauma and abuse. Learn and heal in an anonymous, free, online space.

Language: English

As survivors, we sometimes feel annoyed or embarrassed, we even feel shame around the fact that someone had chosen to hurt us. In life, we can often not control what happens, especially not what other people do to us. We can control our reaction and even if we have been feeling unwell for a long time, with a little help, we can make a change to get better.

Language: English

A lot of experience stress on a day to day basis. What causes this stress? How can you minimise it? In this course, we will help you understand how your body and mind reacts to stress, and how it affects your health. We’ll also help you motivate yourself to minimise future stresses that you may experience.

Language: English, Urdu and Arabic

And when we have doubts about our self worth, we can also lose a sense of who we are. For us, gaining back our confidence was the first step to feel like ourselves again. In this course, we’ll give you simple and practical steps to rebuild your confidence, empowering you to take over the reins of your life.

Language: English, Urdu and Arabic

Sharing your story is a deeply personal decision especially when it has caused you trauma and deciding to disclose is a major step in your healing process. We have put together a guide on what factors to consider to help you make a decision.

Language: English